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Level up with the 'Switch to SonicWall' deal of the year!

25 October 2023

It’s time to Switch to SonicWall! Level up with the best deal ever on a TZ270 bundle!

SonicWall Switch Sale

Is it time to level up your business? Then now is the best time to grow your SMB base with the best deal you’ll get this year. For a short time, take advantage of the Switch to Sonicwall offering for the best price on a TZ270 firewall and EPSS services when trading in a competing product. This is SonicWall’s most cost- effective TZ and you won’t find a better time to get onboard with its fantastic budget-busting features.

Why the TZ270?

The TZ270 is great for a small business with growth ambitions. Regardless of how small the business, the TZ270 and TZ270W offer enterprise-grade protection at a very competitive price. With Security Services that are stronger, more secure and more agile, you get the benefit of:

  1. low latency and no file size limitations
  2. scanning every port
  3. packet and protocol without impacting performance
  4. blocking until verdict
  5. as well as seamless integration for Wireless APIs, WAN acceleration and switches
  6. and cloud based zero-touch deployment and single-pane-of-glass management - no need for CLI programming.

Included in the bundle, you get these value-adds at no additional cost:

  1. rock-solid high-availability (HA) option (no additional licence required)
  2. reporting (no additional software required)
  3. and IoT signature scanning.

How to get the deal

In the best deal you’ll get this year, all you need to do is trade in a competitive firewall to get access to 3 years of the Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS), which includes Capture ATP with RTDMITM, GAV, Anti-Spyware, IPS, Application Firewall Services, CFS, Comprehensive Anti-Spam and more! Just remember to provide the competitive details of the firewall you’re trading in at the time of activation to enable services.

Contact us today for more information about this limited-time deal. Offer ends on 31st December 2023. While supplies last.
Eligible products
Replacement products
TZ270, TZ270WMust provide competitor firewall information and Serial Number
Contact us today for more information about this limited time deal. Offer ends on 31st December 2023. While supplies last.
Quick look at EPSS:

SonicWall’s Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS) includes the latest in next-generation security technology, protection from unknown and zero-day threats, content filtering. Amongst its many features, you get:

  1. Capture ATP
  2. Gateway Anti-Virus (GAV)
  3. Anti-Spyware
  4. Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS)
  5. Application control
  6. Content Filtering Services (CFS)
  7. Comprehensive Anti-Spam
  8. 24x7 support with firmware and hardware warranty
The small print Disclaimer: In order to receive full service entitlement of three (3) years, accurate eligible competitive product information must be provided at time of registration. If inaccurate or invalid eligible competitive product information is provided, SonicWall reserves the right to limit or remove security services on the registered product. If SonicWall is unable to verify accurate eligible competitive product information, we will contact the Registration Contact provided by Owner to attempt to verify. If SonicWall is not provided accurate competitive details within the thirty (30) day activation window, the service activation will be limited to two (2) years of services and the activation window will not be extended beyond thirty (30) days. Purchase and registration of an Eligible Competitive Product requires six (6) months prior ownership of such Eligible Competitive Product. As a condition of this program, the Owner agrees that he/she will dispose of the Eligible Competitive Product within sixty (60) days of the Registration Date. If proof of ownership of the Eligible Competitive Product is not provided within thirty (30) days upon written request from SonicWall, or if the Eligible Competitive Product is not disposed of within sixty (60) days of the Registration Date of the Replacement Product, SonicWall reserves the right to terminate the services applicable to the Replacement Product SKU. In order to register the Replacement Product, the Owner must provide current contact details (i.e., contact person’s name, e-mail address, business phone number, organization name, and physical address) of their Registration Contact and certify that all responses in the required fields of the Competitive Replacement Form are true and correct. To qualify for the promotion the Owner must participate Competitive Trade-in offers. Important notice and disclaimer: In all cases, end-users and Resellers should consult the Eligible Product Matrices for each product line in advance of any purchase. SonicWall reserves the right to either deny or adjust entitlements to reflect any misrepresentation of eligibility. SonicWall reserves the right to make changes to this program at any time without notice.
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