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SonicWall Network Security Manager Advanced with Management, Reporting, Analytics for NSa 3700

SKU: 02-SSC-8829
  1. Multi-Tenant Management
    As your firewall environment grows with complex multi-cloud and multi-location tenants that have differing security needs for each network segment, you will need a firewall management system that can scale along with that environment. NSM provides complete multi-tenant management and independent policy control isolation across all managed tenants. This separation encompasses all NSM’s management features and functions that dictate the firewall operation for each tenant. You can construct every tenant to have its own set of users, groups and roles to conduct device group management, policy orchestration and all other administrative tasks within the boundary of the assigned tenant account.
  2. Device Group Management
    Device Group offers you an effective method for creating and managing firewall devices as group or hierarchical groups and committing and deploying configuration templates on groups of firewalls. This allows you to synchronize and enforce common policies, objects, and/or setting requirements across any selected firewall groups in a consistent and reliable manner. All approved policy changes in the template are automatically applied to all device group linked to that template. Grouping of devices can be granularly defined based on any characteristics such as network type, location, business unit, organizational structure, or a combination of relative attributes for ease of management, identification and association.
  3. Template Management, Commit and Deploy
    NSM simplified workflows allow you to easily and quickly design, validate, audit and commit configuration templates for managing one or thousands of firewall devices across many geo-locations. Templates with various firewall policies, settings and related objects are defined independent of the device and are used by NSM to centrally and automatically push to devices or device groups that requires similar configurations.

Be in control:
Orchestrate firewall operations from one place

NSM offers you everything you need for a unified firewall management system. It empowers you with tenant-level visibility, group-based device control and unlimited scale to centrally manage and provision your SonicWall network security operations. This includes deploying and managing all firewall devices, device groups and tenants, synchronizing and enforcing consistent security policies across your environments with flexible local controls, and monitoring everything from one dynamic dashboard with detailed reports and analytics. NSM enables you to do all this from a single user-friendly cloud native console that can be accessed from any location using any browser-enabled device.

  1. Effortless Zero-Touch Deployment
    Integrated into NSM is the Zero-Touch Deployment service which enables you to deploy and operationalize SonicWall firewalls, switches and access points at remote and branch office locations effortlessly. The entire process requires minimal user intervention and is fully automated. Zero-touch enabled devices are shipped directly to installation sites. Once they are unpacked, registered, wired to the network, and powered, all connected devices are instantly operational with security and connectivity occurring seamlessly. Once communication links are established with NSM, pre-provisioned device templates are automatically pushed to all zero-touch enabled devices. This eliminates the time, cost and complexity of traditional on-site onboarding process.
  2. Error-free Change Management
    NSM provides immediate access to powerful automated workflows that conform with firewall policy change management and auditing requirements of SOCs. It enables error-free policy changes by applying a series of rigorous procedures for configuring, comparing, validating, reviewing and approving firewall policies prior to deployment. The approval groups are flexible to comply with varying authorization and audit procedures from different types of organizations. NSM programmatically deploys fully validated and audited security policies to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risks and eliminate misconfigurations and human errors.
  3. Management Automation with RESTful API
    NSM RESTful APIs gives your skilled security operators a standard approach to managing NSM specific features programmatically without a management web interface. It facilitates interoperability between NSM and 3rd-party management consoles to increases the efficiency of your internal security team. The API services are used to automate firewall operations for any managed devices. This includes common day-to-day tasks such tenant, device group and tenant management, audit configurations, performing system health checks and more.

Be more effective:
Work smarter and take security actions faster with less effort

NSM is a productivity management tool that enables you to work smarter and take security actions faster with less effort. Its design is guided by business processes and grounded on the principle of simplifying and, in some cases, automating workflows to achieve better security coordination, while reducing the complexity, time and overhead of performing every-day security operations and administration tasks.

  1. See Everything Everywhere
    NSM reporting, analytics and risk monitoring dashboard gives you up to 7 days of continuous 360° visibility of your entire SonicWall security ecosystem at the tenant, group or device level. It provides static and near-real-time analysis of all network traffic and data communication that pass through the firewall ecosystem. All log data is automatically recorded, aggregated, contextualized and presented in a meaningful, actionable and easily consumable way that lets you discover, interpret, prioritize and take appropriate defensive and corrective actions based on data-driven insight and situational awareness. Scheduled reporting allows you to fully customize your reports with any combination of auditable data. It presents up to 365 days of recorded logs at the device level for historical analysis, anomaly detection, security gaps discovery and more. This will help you track, measure and run an effective network and security operation.
  2. Understand Your Risk
    With added drill-down and pivoting capabilities, you can further investigate and correlate data to fully examine and discover hidden threats and issues with better accuracy and confidence. Using a mix of historical reporting, user and application-based analytics and endpoint visibility, you can thoroughly analyze various patterns and trends associated with ingress/egress traffic, application usage, user and device access, threat actions and more. You will gain situationawareness and valuable insight and knowledge to not only uncover security risks, but also orchestrate remediation, while monitoring and tracking the results to promote and drive consistent security enforcement across your environment.

Be more aware:
Investigate hidden risks with active monitoring, reporting and analytics

NSM interactive dashboard is loaded with real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics data to help troubleshoot problems, investigate risks and guide smart security policy decisions and policy actions for a stronger adaptive security posture.

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