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Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine
RFDPI is a stream-based inspection system that performs simultaneous inbound and outbound traffic analysis at high speed without proxying or buffering to effectively uncover intrusion attempts, malware and identify application traffic regardless of port and protocol.

The RFDPI engine is not limited by file size or the amount of concurrent traffic it can scan (unlike other scanning engines). By working at the application layer, RFDPI protects against hidden application vulnerabilities that may be inadvertently letting attackers in through an unknown back door.

Simple, secure and cost-effective

This patented technology unifies multiple security functions into a single integrated suite that inspects all files from local, remote and mobile users. This gives network administrators the ability to manage network security simply and cost-effectively. RFDPI increases productivity by allowing IT to create reusable and adaptive policy control. More than simply a security approach, RFDPI incorporates object-based contextual controls over user identity and access, application identity and access, data leakage, network optimisation and granular reporting, auditing and forensics.

The patented RFDPI engine is at the heart of every SonicWall network security solution.
At a Glance
  1. Bi-directional inspection
    Scans for threats in both inbound and outbound traffic simultaneously to ensure that the network is not used to distribute malware and does not become a launch platform for attacks in case an infected machine is brought inside.
  2. Stream-based inspection
    Proxy-less and non-buffering inspection technology provides ultra-low latency performance for DPI of millions of simultaneous network streams without introducing file and stream size limitations, and can be applied on common protocols as well as raw TCP streams.
  3. Highly parallel and scalable
    The unique design of the RFDPI engine works with the multi-core architecture to provide high DPI throughput and extremely high new session establishment rates to deal with traffic spikes in demanding networks.
  4. Single-pass inspection
    A single-pass DPI architecture simultaneously scans for malware, intrusions and application identification, drastically reducing DPI latency and ensuring that all threat information is correlated in a single architecture.

For the complete guide to deep packet inspection, download the full datasheet below:

 Deep Packet Inspection Datasheet

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