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Advanced Gateway Security Suite
Complete network security, content filtering, application control, CaptureATP, gateway anti-virus, 24x7 support and firewall management in a single integrated package.
At a Glance
  1. Complete network security solution
    All service licences included.
  2. Gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
    Including DPI-SSL and RFDPI.
  3. Cutting-edge IPS technology
    Protects against worms, trojans, software vulnerabilities and other intrusions by scanning all network traffic for malicious or anomalous patterns.
  4. Application intelligence and control
    Set of granular, application-specific policies providing application classification and policy enforcement to help administrators control and manage both business and non-business related applications.
  5. Content filtering
    Enforce internet use policies and control internal access to inappropriate, unproductive and potentially illegal web content with comprehensive content filtering.
  6. 24x7 support with firmware updates and hardware replacement
    Including firmware updates and hardware replacement protects your business and your SonicWall investment.
  7. Capture ATP
    Multi-engine network sandbox to prevent zero-day threats. See Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service (CATPS).
"Total Secure Advanced"
Look out for this in the product title. It indicates that AGSS is included in the item.
"Secure Upgrade Plus"
Look out for this in the product title. It indicates that the appliance upgrade (from an old SonicWall or alternative vendor) includes AGSS.

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