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Why us?

Penteract is the company behind We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years of network design, connectivity and firewall management. Our team is capable of configuring, managing and providing solutions for large firewall networks connecting multiple sites, as well as simply ensuring that a single firewall holds the latest firmware and gateway services licence. All of our customers appreciate the hassle-free deployment of our fully configured or fully managed services. Although we have over 25 years experience in the field, our emphasis is constantly on evolution. As the threat environment and technology use changes, we know that keeping up-to-date with solutions is imperative to our customers.

Whatever your situation, sector or knowledge level, we can help you get the right solution.

For Small, Medium Enterprises
  • Get the latest appliance, firmware and license
  • Latest updates, automatically applied
  • Always be prepared for the latest threats
  • Focus on your main business objectives
For I.T. companies
  • Hassle free implementation
  • Rapid deployment - direct to site (white label)
  • Friendly support
  • Higher margins
For corporates / larger networks
  • The correct solution for your network
  • Best practice configuration
  • SonicWall certified experts
  • Post sales support with distributor and vendor backing

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  • get the BEST quote for an appliance, upgrade or subscription renewal
  • outsource your firewall management, single device or large network
  • arrange configuration from SonicWall accredited engineers

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